Tuscan Services, Inc.

Tuscan Services, Inc. is an outsourced call center specializing in portfolio management, inbound/outbound call center services, collections and software development.

Tuscan Services, Inc. utilizes the knowledge from the leadership staff relative to the consumer financing industry in an effort to maintain a positive reputation as an outsourced call center.

Being that Tuscan Services, Inc. has a leadership team with extensive knowledge of the consumer financing industry and is closely associated with the owner of at least one operating company in the same industry, Tuscan Services, Inc. provides outsourced services with a level of quality and expertise, at a competitive price, above the other competitors in the same industry.

If you would like to find out more information about Tuscan Services, Inc., you may contact the Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Jenkins, at SarahJ@TuscanServicesInc.com.

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Tuscan Services, Inc.