5 Keys to Cold-Weather Car Care

Car Care Tips

Although we’ve been fortunate to have had flashes of spring-like weather in the past few weeks, the extended forecast reminds us that winter is anything but over. If you have a car that you rely on as your primary method of transportation, this may be the perfect time to make a few critical adjustments that could keep you on the road and your car out of the shop.

  1. Keep your battery juiced.
    Winter weather’s cold temperatures put added stress on your battery, particularly if you park your car outdoors, so head to a repair shop or your local car-parts store for a load test. A few dollars spent upfront to charge your battery or install a new one could save you from an expensive tow down the road.
  2. Upgrade your wipers.
    Did you know that windshield wipers are meant to have a service life of one year or less? With the potential for rain, snow or ice to fall, a great pair of wiper blades could be a meaningful investment. Consider upgrading to the beam blade style to avoid having external springs that could freeze.
  3. Check your fluids.
    Truly a tip for keeping your car in good condition year-round, checking your fluid levels are a no-brainer. Given that treacherous conditions could be present at any time, you’ll want to ensure you can brake, steer, change gears and keep a clean windshield without issue. Also check the oil level (and filter) for peace of mind.
  4. Test your antifreeze.
    While it’s important to keep your car engine cool, you don’t want it to be frigid! Antifreeze helps lowers the freezing temperature of the water in your radiator, which helps prevent freezing in cold weather. If you haven’t done so in a while, consider a flush and fill, or simply test your coolant mixture to be sure it’s up to snuff.
  5. Air up your tires.
    Tires lose approximately a pound of pressure for every 10-degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature, so visit the nearest gas station to check the air pressure and valve stems of your tires. Properly inflated tires will help you grip pavement through snow and ice in daily driving conditions.

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