From Cap and Gown to College Bound

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As summer draws near, many children and young adults are counting down to the close of the school year. For some, that also means planning a graduation party as well as a transition into college. In today’s world of over-the-top occasions as evidenced by shows like “My Super Sweet 16,” it can be easy to get carried away. Rather than letting your teen’s celebration get the best of you and your pocketbook, keep these tips in mind for covering your bases on a budget.

The Grad Party

How can you ensure your loved one’s graduation party is memorable without going overboard? Opt for hosting the party at your home or nearest park shelter rather than paying for a pricey locale. Grilling out or eating picnic fare are always food favorites, and it’s easy to stock up on everything from paper goods to drinks and sides to meat at your local bulk retailer (think Costco or Sam’s Club). Plus, you can use the beautiful outdoors to keep decoration costs down. For balloons, table toppers and any other goodies you can’t live without, try the Dollar Tree or other discount shop. Lastly, if you’re grad is headed off to college, make your gift do double duty by choosing something from his or her college-related “must haves” list.


The College Prep

With the cost of tuition and fees at public and private universities as well as community colleges on the rise, it’s important to consider your options for making it a more manageable expense. One way may be to have your student commute to a local college to save on room and board. If possible, use public transportation for the commute to kick those savings up another notch. A conversation with a school counselor may help identify some lesser-known scholarships that can be helpful, and an ACT or SAT test prep class could make a world of difference if you can spend a little money upfront to save a great deal in the long run.

This time of year marks important milestones for many students. Don’t let associated costs ruin the celebration. Contact Waldo General for an easy-to-repay personal installment loan that will have you graduating from overwhelmed to overjoyed when it comes to your teen’s accomplishments.

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