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The Missouri Sales Tax Holiday weekend begins Friday, August 2 and runs through Sunday, August 4th. During this weekend certain purchases related to back-to-school needs are free of state sales tax.  That will save you at least 4.225% on your purchases.  Local communities may choose to participate in the tax holiday or not.  If your community waives its tax for the weekend you could save as much as another 4-5%!  Not every community will participate so visit this site for more details about whether your town is included – http://dor.mo.gov/business/sales/taxholiday/school/

Only certain back-to-school type purchases are included in this tax holiday. Those items include such things as clothing, school supplies, software, computers and accessories and other items as defined by the Missouri statute. Each item of clothing and footwear $100 or less is eligible for the tax free weekend. The state of Missouri defines clothing as “any article of wearing apparel, including footwear, intended to be worn on or about the human body.” School supplies cannot exceed $50 per purchase. Missouri’s guidelines on eligible school supplies state the item must have a general use in the classroom. Desktops, laptops and tower computers (including CPU, RAM, hard drive, monitor and keyboard) $3,500 and less are eligible. Many national and even local retailers will be offering special sales this weekend to save you even more! Check out this site for a pretty good starting list of eligible items:  http://stayathomemoms.about.com/od/salestaxholiday/tp/missouri-sales-tax-holiday.htm

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