Graduation — A Lifetime of Memories

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Winter may or may not finally be over but it is definitely time to think about Graduation.  These days from preschool to kindergarten, grade school, middle school, high school, college, technical school and so on, graduation ceremonies and parties are a big deal.

Looking at just high school graduation you’ve got everything from senior pictures and a yearbook to a cap and gown, graduation announcements and everything in between — and don’t forget a party and a present or two — it can add up quick to an amount that would give you a migraine.

It used to be that you could rent a cap and gown through the school for a pretty reasonable cost. Now you have to buy it for $75 or more. Add in the yearbook ($85), a senior page in the yearbook ($150), senior pictures ($150), class ring ($150+) graduation announcements and accompanying name cards ($100) plus postage to mail to 75 friends and relatives ($33), and a graduation party ($500).

You want the best for your family but these kinds of expenses are hard to save for.  If you need some financial help for this very special occasion, Waldo General is ready to help in any way we can.  Even if you do need to borrow some money to make the occasion special there are still great ways to save money.  Juli Ann with Yahoo Voices has some great tips to do up the event in style and not break the bank:

Try these ideas on for size:

1. Buy graduation announcements and invitations from on-line printing companies. Websites like Vista Print can help save on these costs. You can design your own or use one of their designs. Either way it will be less expensive than the graduation companies’ offering.

2. If you are thinking of having a graduation party, chances are your senior may have a friend (or better yet a relative) who is also graduating. Consider contacting the parent and discuss splitting the cost of a party for both seniors. That way you split the costs and the planning.

3. Have the party at your house. Make it a barbeque luncheon on a sunny afternoon. Set the time for noon to 6pm. Keep the menu simple like hot dogs and burgers, beans, chips and sodas. Buy in bulk from Costco or Sam’s.

4. Start looking for dresses, suits, tuxedos and limo rentals now. Consider sharing the cost of renting a limo with other parents. Tux companies give group discounts per tux for weddings. Perhaps they will do the same for a group of seniors.

See even more tips at this link and don’t forget that Waldo General is your Easy Loan Store ready to help anytime you need us.

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