Are You Ready for Some Football?!


We’ll hear this phrase just one last time as we wrap up the National Football League season with Super Bowl XLVII. The Seattle Seahawks, led by quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch, will take on Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos, who odds makers currently have favored in the polls, this Sunday, February 2. Regardless of whether you’re a football lover or simply a fan of the commercials, food and festivities that often accompany Super Bowl parties, this year’s event is guaranteed to be a spectacular spectacle.

According to a new survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, more than 179.1 million people are expected to tune in to this year’s Super Bowl, the largest number predicted in the nine-year history of the survey. And regardless of whether the events on the field are captivating, we’re guaranteed to enjoy surprises from advertisers seeking to showcase the most memorable television spot from the event.

All in all, average consumer spending for the Super Bowl is projected to be higher than in previous years, at $68.54 per viewer. It comes as no surprise that 74% of those surveyed plan to celebrate the big game by purchasing pizza, wings, snacks, sodas and more. But what you may not realize is that 7.5 million households are expected to purchase a new television for the big event, with another 3.9 million planning to purchase at least one new piece of furniture to aid in their viewing pleasure.

If you’re considering a splurge on some of these larger pre-game purchases, turn to the Waldo General for help. We’ve got just the solution to supplement your cash flow and make sure this weekend lives up to being the most memorable Super Bowl yet. Between Arnold Schwarzenegger behind a ping pong table in the upcoming Bud Light commercials and the potential follow-up to Richard Sherman’s controversial comments after the NFC Championship game, you won’t want to settle for anything less than the best seat in your house right in front of the big screen.


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