Tax Season – Expect Delays All Around

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Tax Season and the yearly chore of filing your state and federal tax returns is never on anyone’s list of favorite things to do.  Even if you can count on always getting a refund, filling out the return and hoping you’ve done everything correctly can be more than a little nerve-wracking.

Well this year our friends at the IRS are making things even more interesting with delaying the start of filing until January 30.  Additionally, this delay could also affect the speed with which refunds are issued. In the past people could sometimes receive refunds within as short a period as seven days.  The word now is that you’ll be doing well to get your refund within 21 days.  According to officials with the IRS, the agency is being much more careful with fraud prevention and identity theft, which could mean a bigger delay before you receive your tax refund.

We hope that’s not the case but, it certainly is more likely than not that some sort of delay, beyond the late start to filing, will affect many of us. Lenders are prepared to help clients bridge any gaps resulting from the delays.  As always, if you need a short-term loan to get you by until your refund comes in – shop carefully!  You could wind up paying some payday interest rates that are astronomically high or even possibly lose your vehicle to a title loan gone bad.

The staff at Waldo General will do everything they can to help customers.  Check the FAQ page at Waldo for more information on loan requirements or call us at 1-800-892-3006

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