Warm Up to Savings by Winterizing

Winterizing Home


Temperatures are cooling, but this time of year can leave your pocketbook red hot from all of the spending you may be doing. From planning your Thanksgiving dinner to preparing for holiday shopping, there are a lot of priorities to juggle — and investing money in your home probably isn’t at the top of your list. However, with a few tips and a bit of money upfront, winterizing could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the months to come and put a little pep in your step come spring.

According to the Department of Energy, you can enjoy up to a 25% savings on your annual utility bills just by sealing up leaky doors and windows, and making your home more efficient. Have a spot in your home where everyone dreads sitting because of a draft? Now’s the perfect time to apply caulk around your baseboards and trim to ensure that pesky breeze isn’t blowing your budget.

If the problem is a bit bigger than simple caulking and sealant, it may be time to invest in new doors or windows. Remember, you don’t have to opt for the most expensive replacement options to make a difference. You can always replace just a few at a time to keep the cost down and nip the biggest problem areas in the bud. For the rest of the culprits, opt for a temporary window insulator kit for just a few dollars to make it through the winter months.

If your home is like 46 million others in America, one of your biggest problems may be fairly easy to address and fix: under-insulation.1 Consider adding a bit of insulation in your attic, behind walls or around electrical boxes on exterior walls. Check out www.naima.org  for helpful tips and how-to’s.

Lastly, be sure to do a thorough check on your roof, chimney and heating system. A cozy fire can feel like a lovely winter treat, but forgetting to close the flue afterward could leave you watching your wallet go up in smoke. If you discover you need a quick furnace tune-up or a complete roof replacement, consider turning to Waldo General for a personal loan. With increments of $100 to $3,000 available, you can find the option that suits your needs on a repayment plan that fits your budget. And remember … the money you spend winterizing your home could mean a credit on your income taxes and even an increase in your home value long term!

1 Jonathan Il. Levy, Yurika Nishioka and John D. Spengler. “The public health benefits of insulation retrofits in existing housing in the United States.” Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source, April 2003.

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