What’s the Going Tooth Fairy Price this Year?

Visa thinks they know the answer and they have developed ever-so-handy apps to help parents with this daunting task.  Courtesy of the Visa Practical Money Skills for Life site, here’s the straight dope. Economic conditions are improving for one sector of Americans – children who receive money from the Tooth Fairy. A survey released by Visa, Inc. shows that the Tooth Fairy is leaving an average of $3.00 per tooth this year, an increase of $0.40 (15%) over the $2.60 left for each pearly white in 2011. To help parents answer the perennial question of how much their children should receive from the Tooth Fairy, Visa has created a new mobile app and online calculator. The amount calculated for each tooth is a reflection of what other people are already giving their children. This is at least according to the completely unbiased survey of 2,000 parents across the U.S. conducted back in July.  We’re not sure most 5-7-year-old kids will know the difference whether you give them $2.60, $3.00 or $1.00. They’ll still think they have enough for that $24.99 toy.  Nevertheless, the app is easy and fun.  Check out the iPad/iPhone app at the ITunes store or the online version at: www.PracticalMoneySkills.com/ToothFairy.

How much have you left/will you leave your kids this year?

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